At the Cross Roads

At the crossroads 

Make deals for my soul

For my talents 

Of becoming extremely bold


Does not come easily 

There’s a price others pay 

In order to be the audience 

Of my treats

Your eyes cast downward

On all that’s pleasurable



Slow it down 

I wear the crown

Don’t be so hasty

Dirty Pretty Things 

It’s my motto

As you suck and swallow

The remnants of this sugar water 

Empowering your embodiment form

Don’t be alarmed

I’m just Charmed

With the abilities 

To Design many preludes

To procreation 

The sex drive 

Trumps all desires






My body becomes the map of your world for your bar discover 

I take you on as my lover 

Now come for me with all of your vanilla

Meet me under my caramel covers

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