Remove Your Eyes From Me

Remove your eyes from me

As I leave

No watching me

No watching me

Lust vividly in the dark

Is where we stood

now we depart

The door was open

I walked in

Got to quickly understand

And read

Hoping my knowledge was deceived

But you have played role to the T

Those characteristics were so on point

You didn’t miss one step

In this joint

The sexual attraction kept this afloat


Call sign is now Demote

goodbyes were completed

By 3

Mouth to Mouth

Life support level of care

Now you return to the status you were before

Feelings are fading south

No longer nervous

No more Holding back

All has come to the surface

Claws sharp

Vocals are ready to attack

Who am I kidding

It’s with you

I Wanna be held and wrapped

Angelica Fetishes

©️ DR

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