Visions in the Lone Star State

Here in the Lone star state

You in the Garden State 


Alone in this room

Alone In this bed 

Wondering what it would be like if you were here.

Making a connection with those eyes of the bi-color sea starring back at me

Igniting me to my core 

Can you tell

Stories that we 




Will they ever be told 

With our bodies 

Creating masterpieces of our own

With our essence 

With each touch

With each stare

Our bodies love dancing by the moonlight in this room 

Soft Spotlight 

On our nakedness 

Your fingers crawl to my bosom

in a calming state of well-practiced precision 

As if this played in your mind

Several times 

I’m laying there 

I’m laying here

itching for a fix

With small breathes

Anticipation of your drawn syringe 

Teasing this junkie 

Waiting for you to plunge 

the needle into 


Vulvic vein 

Each thrust 

You squeeze my hands

You softly place your lips 

On mine 

Being present in the moment

You whisper

I’m yours




Am I really ready for you

Angelica Fetishes ©️DR

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