I grab hold

And demand your soul

Eyes locked

Your shaft is cocked

I Inhale your breeze 


No tease 

as I slip you back in

We listen to our momentous collaborations of flesh to flesh

Essence squished

Pounding the kitty hard

but slow formation

My praises of you increases

Requesting to pound fast pace

Your sac hitting the bottom of perineum

Providing a massage

Further stimulate my arousal

I slide you out

I slide down

My tongue engages your shaft

from the bottom to the crown

You asked not to put it down

I suds your baton with my mouth water

Slowly feeling every crevice of my Internal flesh.

I speed to your liking

You tell me to hold it in that pace

Grunting and moaning

The tunes I like

Exiting your essence all over my face!

AngelicaFetishes ©️DR

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