Sexual Liberation

After all this time and after many, many, many discussions later people still find it hard to talk about sex. I know it’s hard to believe but it is still considered a shameful word.

Don’t get me wrong there some who are comfortable with being open-minded and sex-positive But there are so many with archaic minds. If I had extraordinary powers with one swoosh of my magical of whip Sexual Liberation would bestowed upon the nation.

Okay climbing down from my high horse now!

Sex or being sexual is not meant to be filthy,  it’s not meant to be demeaning or offend.  It is meant to be pleasurable.

Numerous people say I make it easy for them to talk about the subject with me. During this past winter, I had the pleasure of meeting my classmates from graduate school during my residency. They admitted for the first they were able to have an open discussion about sex. They mentioned they have never felt comfortable talking about sex until they met me! That warmed my heart!

Anyone that knows me either from reading my blog years ago or in person know that I enjoy talking and listening to others talk about sex. I just enjoy learning about Human Sexuality. I learn something new just about everyday. I’m a certified sex educator and I’m very comfortable about the discussion of sex.

My family and I have open conversations about it. Well some of us! My mom dances with me in the adult toy store. My maternal grandmother when she was alive (God bless her) she would talk to me about sex. She would discuss sex positions and what she was comfortable with and what grandpa would or not do in the bedroom. I miss that woman!

I think it’s important to keep the conversation open and going about sex, whether it’s with family, friends or your partner.  Another taboo conversation is masturbation!! Whoa!!! I know I know I know!!!  However it’s a perfect segue into May is International and National Masturbation Month! 

May 28th is National Masturbation Day! 

Let’s celebrate the whole month!

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