When Things Go Bump In The Night

I’m the monster

I’ll go beast 

I’ll inhale the shaft to say the least

When things go bump in the night 

Don’t be afraid 

That’s just me creeping to your jet 

Riding that flight 

Come in stealth 

Like a ghost 

My activities you’ll be missing the most

This chick’s bad 

She ready for the game 

When it’s time to level up

This right here

will never be the same 

Creating the fiend

Creating the freak 

Abnormality is what you seek 

Im the exception to your rule 

Take me to school

Teach your lesson

Show me all the things your not use to confessing 

Open up this Pandora box 

Meet me inside 

With your wood cocked 

Welcome to my hellbox

I’m the demon that will

Prey on you

Stay on you

Consume all your energy 

You won’t put up a fight 

Over over over again 

I’ll be the one that goes bump in the night!

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