Our Mental Smash Games

It’s gonna be Batter Up Time

We mentally smash

We mentally crash

We mentally this 

We mentally that 

When you going to step up to the plate 

Let me take control of the bat 

At Yankee or either at Shea (Citi field) 

Coach of team 

Let’s you play all day 

It will take 9 innings 

I’m ready to deal

Your third base 

I’m ready to steal 

Pop off the cork

And let’s deal with this matter

Step up to the plate

Come on batter batter 

If your the real hitter 

come face this pitcher 

My V mitts fits you like a glove 

Your the baserunner 

back me up and shove 

It all in 

Have me screaming like sin

Just one tastes on your face

All you do WIN WIN WIN!!!!!


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