Hitting behavior uncharacteristic for me
Emotions ran raw
Triggered by so many
In my history
Trigger when God took 2 little beauties
their mom for everlasting sleep
This ran deep
For the community and me
Burns of
Addictive behaviors triggers
Bio mom grave was raised
It figures
Causing the unframed
masking the pain
Talking about a strain
What the hell is this
Tugging at my brain
Pretty much tearful and weep
The pain still run deep
Mothers Day run bittersweet
Lost two loves
Forever tattooed and ingrained
Smiles to embrace again
Comes with the force of energy
To be

From Angelica Fetishes Heart ©️DR

This is different from what I normally post but so much is tugging at my heart Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies

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