Hitting behavior uncharacteristic for me
Emotions ran raw
Triggered by so many
In my history
Trigger when God took 2 little beauties
their mom for everlasting sleep
This ran deep
For the community and me
Burns of
Addictive behaviors triggers
Bio mom grave was raised
It figures
Causing the unframed
masking the pain
Talking about a strain
What the hell is this
Tugging at my brain
Pretty much tearful and weep
The pain still run deep
Mothers Day run bittersweet
Lost two loves
Forever tattooed and ingrained
Smiles to embrace again
Comes with the force of energy
To be

From Angelica Fetishes Heart ©️DR

This is different from what I normally post but so much is tugging at my heart Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies

Our Mental Smash Games

It’s gonna be Batter Up Time

We mentally smash

We mentally crash

We mentally this 

We mentally that 

When you going to step up to the plate 

Let me take control of the bat 

At Yankee or either at Shea (Citi field) 

Coach of team 

Let’s you play all day 

It will take 9 innings 

I’m ready to deal

Your third base 

I’m ready to steal 

Pop off the cork

And let’s deal with this matter

Step up to the plate

Come on batter batter 

If your the real hitter 

come face this pitcher 

My V mitts fits you like a glove 

Your the baserunner 

back me up and shove 

It all in 

Have me screaming like sin

Just one tastes on your face

All you do WIN WIN WIN!!!!!


May is National Masturbation Month

Today kicks off of National or International Masturbation Month!!! I’m a true believer in the joys of self-love care❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹. Masturbation is so universal anyone can do it!

Yes you, Yes you, and Yes You tooooo!

There a stigma about masturbation and I want to cut right through it. It is a pleasurable solo act or even one that can be shared with their partner. Anyone can do it!!!!!!!!

It’s a time to learn about your arousal zone and those stimulating nerves endings that keep you charged for excitement. 

So grab your favorite toy or other items that sends you to arousal galaxy and let the Solo play activities begin!!!!!!!!

Happy Trails 

Angelica Fetishes

When Things Go Bump In The Night

I’m the monster

I’ll go beast 

I’ll inhale the shaft to say the least

When things go bump in the night 

Don’t be afraid 

That’s just me creeping to your jet 

Riding that flight 

Come in stealth 

Like a ghost 

My activities you’ll be missing the most

This chick’s bad 

She ready for the game 

When it’s time to level up

This right here

will never be the same 

Creating the fiend

Creating the freak 

Abnormality is what you seek 

Im the exception to your rule 

Take me to school

Teach your lesson

Show me all the things your not use to confessing 

Open up this Pandora box 

Meet me inside 

With your wood cocked 

Welcome to my hellbox

I’m the demon that will

Prey on you

Stay on you

Consume all your energy 

You won’t put up a fight 

Over over over again 

I’ll be the one that goes bump in the night!

Sexual Liberation

After all this time and after many, many, many discussions later people still find it hard to talk about sex. I know it’s hard to believe but it is still considered a shameful word.

Don’t get me wrong there some who are comfortable with being open-minded and sex-positive But there are so many with archaic minds. If I had extraordinary powers with one swoosh of my magical of whip Sexual Liberation would bestowed upon the nation.

Okay climbing down from my high horse now!

Sex or being sexual is not meant to be filthy,  it’s not meant to be demeaning or offend.  It is meant to be pleasurable.

Numerous people say I make it easy for them to talk about the subject with me. During this past winter, I had the pleasure of meeting my classmates from graduate school during my residency. They admitted for the first they were able to have an open discussion about sex. They mentioned they have never felt comfortable talking about sex until they met me! That warmed my heart!

Anyone that knows me either from reading my blog years ago or in person know that I enjoy talking and listening to others talk about sex. I just enjoy learning about Human Sexuality. I learn something new just about everyday. I’m a certified sex educator and I’m very comfortable about the discussion of sex.

My family and I have open conversations about it. Well some of us! My mom dances with me in the adult toy store. My maternal grandmother when she was alive (God bless her) she would talk to me about sex. She would discuss sex positions and what she was comfortable with and what grandpa would or not do in the bedroom. I miss that woman!

I think it’s important to keep the conversation open and going about sex, whether it’s with family, friends or your partner.  Another taboo conversation is masturbation!! Whoa!!! I know I know I know!!!  However it’s a perfect segue into May is International and National Masturbation Month! 

May 28th is National Masturbation Day! 

Let’s celebrate the whole month!

A Good Kisser

A Good kisser

Makes for a good licker

You Journey Deep

Oh who figured

Nobody kiss it like me 


Keeping you splashing 

Begging for repeat

Developing the masses

Teaching classes 

Equipped with the dip

I create your rise

When you fall

You can’t hide 

Prey on you tonight 

Pull it out 

Throw lips 

Open wide 

Discover all your elixir Inside 

Give good content 

When you break it down

When I’m in this ring

Going round for round

Can still hear you

Making that sound 

Your body is my hobby

Make it wet and sloppy 

Had you speaking in tongues 

Just firing up my guns






Spreading  love 

Keeping it nasty!!


I grab hold

And demand your soul

Eyes locked

Your shaft is cocked

I Inhale your breeze 


No tease 

as I slip you back in

We listen to our momentous collaborations of flesh to flesh

Essence squished

Pounding the kitty hard

but slow formation

My praises of you increases

Requesting to pound fast pace

Your sac hitting the bottom of perineum

Providing a massage

Further stimulate my arousal

I slide you out

I slide down

My tongue engages your shaft

from the bottom to the crown

You asked not to put it down

I suds your baton with my mouth water

Slowly feeling every crevice of my Internal flesh.

I speed to your liking

You tell me to hold it in that pace

Grunting and moaning

The tunes I like

Exiting your essence all over my face!

AngelicaFetishes ©️DR

I Just Hit Rewind

Emerald eyes
staring back at me
Two colors are my vision of the sea
For the win
I’m the mistress of sin
In my dungeon
I like to play
Your mind
Maybe a little
I still have to persuade
Inhaling breath
Hands and neck meet
I like when they greet
Not so tight
Not so much squeeze

I’m dominating
I just may submit to you
Slap back
Spanking taps
Thrusting snacks
Friends of sexcapades
At times I get this overwhelming urge
To encapsulate your wood
No vegetative state
Bring on the animalistic behavior
Every moment I like to savor
In the dark
In my mind
Films of coital dancing
Sitting up
Or reclined
All my images are just fine
When I need more
I just hit rewind

Angelica Fetishes ©️DLR

Visions in the Lone Star State

Here in the Lone star state

You in the Garden State 


Alone in this room

Alone In this bed 

Wondering what it would be like if you were here.

Making a connection with those eyes of the bi-color sea starring back at me

Igniting me to my core 

Can you tell

Stories that we 




Will they ever be told 

With our bodies 

Creating masterpieces of our own

With our essence 

With each touch

With each stare

Our bodies love dancing by the moonlight in this room 

Soft Spotlight 

On our nakedness 

Your fingers crawl to my bosom

in a calming state of well-practiced precision 

As if this played in your mind

Several times 

I’m laying there 

I’m laying here

itching for a fix

With small breathes

Anticipation of your drawn syringe 

Teasing this junkie 

Waiting for you to plunge 

the needle into 


Vulvic vein 

Each thrust 

You squeeze my hands

You softly place your lips 

On mine 

Being present in the moment

You whisper

I’m yours




Am I really ready for you

Angelica Fetishes ©️DR

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