Kit Kat Vibes

Clutch the sheets

It’s bedtime my friend 

Digging into the Egyptian fabric

Fingers holding on for dear life



Too extreme 

More lube at play

Dreaming of oral fixations 

And afternoon delights

Each labia is engorge 

And plump

Ready for the taking 

Nipple erected 

Arousal in effect 

Talk Kit Kat up

Talk Kit Kat down 

Desire everlasting arousal

She presses 

Against her over stimulated glory 




About to release the force

Footsteps approach 

Kit Kat your in trouble 

Here comes the real boss

Remove Your Eyes From Me

Remove your eyes from me

As I leave

No watching me

No watching me

Lust vividly in the dark

Is where we stood

now we depart

The door was open

I walked in

Got to quickly understand

And read

Hoping my knowledge was deceived

But you have played role to the T

Those characteristics were so on point

You didn’t miss one step

In this joint

The sexual attraction kept this afloat


Call sign is now Demote

goodbyes were completed

By 3

Mouth to Mouth

Life support level of care

Now you return to the status you were before

Feelings are fading south

No longer nervous

No more Holding back

All has come to the surface

Claws sharp

Vocals are ready to attack

Who am I kidding

It’s with you

I Wanna be held and wrapped

Angelica Fetishes

©️ DR

Last Nite

Last Nite

She touch herself

For delicate matters

Image clips of him

Hovering her every move

As a voyeuring guest

Of this

Exhibitionist scuffle

Her fingers walk

Her body talks

Titillating every 8 thousand nerve endings

Of the pea size sunshine

This rubber insertion is the key




Salacious vibes


She lies

For this solo saga


Visions of him

Filming in her mind

The anticipation

No frustration

Never contact

It shall remain

Vanilla and Pecan

Swirling in her dreams

Set her sights on

Self soothing flights

Because she can

The thrill of it all

He came

He saw

As he sits back on his high perch

©️ angelicafetishes DR

At the Cross Roads

At the crossroads 

Make deals for my soul

For my talents 

Of becoming extremely bold


Does not come easily 

There’s a price others pay 

In order to be the audience 

Of my treats

Your eyes cast downward

On all that’s pleasurable



Slow it down 

I wear the crown

Don’t be so hasty

Dirty Pretty Things 

It’s my motto

As you suck and swallow

The remnants of this sugar water 

Empowering your embodiment form

Don’t be alarmed

I’m just Charmed

With the abilities 

To Design many preludes

To procreation 

The sex drive 

Trumps all desires






My body becomes the map of your world for your bar discover 

I take you on as my lover 

Now come for me with all of your vanilla

Meet me under my caramel covers

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